Mortgage Coming Up For Renewal?

Avoid This Common Mistake And You Will Secure The best mortgage rates in Ontario

–Posted By Mike Hamdan–
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Why is it that consumers tend to focus more on rates rather than choosing a mortgage that combine the best rate and total flexibility?

Well, because everywhere you turn, someone claims to offer the best variable and fixed rate out there and in most cases that might be true, but trying to figure which rate is the most suitable solution for your situation can be hard if you don’t know what I am about to share with you right now?

There are many factors that influence the rate you choose.

Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind when discussing your mortgage with your broker or mortgage agent to ensure your needs are met right from the start:

  1. Is this an effective rate or the actual contract rate?
  2. If the proposed mortgage rate is an effective rate, what are the advantages and disadvantages between the two?
  3. Are there any restrictions if I proceed with the proposed mortgage?
  4. What are the prepayment options?
  5. What happens if I decide to sell the property during the term?
  6. Can I break the mortgage and switch lenders during the term?
  7. How the lender calculates the penalty?
  8. Is the mortgage portable?
  9. Is the mortgage assumable?

Ideally, you want to ensure the proposed mortgage combine the best rate and total flexibility. Need help understanding your options? Click here to compare best mortgage rates and discuss your mortgage options with an experienced mortgage professional near you.

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