About Us

We Make It Easy For New And Existing Homeowners To Reduce The Cost Of Homeownership And Save Time And Money Before, During And After Funding

And we do it by linking consumers directly with highly skilled mortgage brokers, real estate professionals and lawyers, including insurance providers, movers and trusted private lenders who are eager to provide expert advice and recommendations while competing to earn your business, saving you time and money by not relying on a one sided source.

Our Purpose Is Simple And Straight Forward:

To Consumers… we are committed to saving you time and money.

To Our Community… we are committed to helping those in need by donating a portion of our profits to a good cause. (We are in the process of finalizing the designated charity and will share the details in the coming weeks)

To Our Advertising Partners… we are committed to helping you succeed in the most affordable and rewarding way.

Go ahead, take a look around and enjoy yourself. We look forward to hearing your success story as a result of using LowLowRates.ca