About Us

How It All Started?

I am Mike Hamdan. My story began when I ditched renting and went shopping for a home and couldn’t believe how frustrating and time consuming my experience was.

I had to skip days from work, nearly got fired, made many phone calls and spoke with people that had no desire to help.

I saw the opportunity to solve a big problem not just in the real estate and financial industry but also in the market as a whole, simply by turning the frustrating and costly experience of becoming a homeowner and maintain the home after moving in and made the entire experience simple, fun and more affordable and that’s when the idea for the one-stop-shop solution was born to eliminate this problem for people everywhere. 

How do I know and what qualifies me to make a bold statement?

I have been a licensed mortgage agent for 13 years (FSRA#: M09002218) and recently moved to mortgage Outlet Inc and I have been with them since April 2021. Throughout my mortgage experience, I have assisted thousands of new and existing homeowners, some of which have different needs, hopes and dreams they want to achieve, but they all share one thing in common, the desire to become homeowners without missing out on a good deal or risk overpaying and that’s what inspired me to do what I am doing today.

How Big Is The Problem?

Well, In Canada Alone…

The best part about LowLowRates.ca Platform, is that it highlights where the best deals are on products like “Mortgages, Real Estate Professionals and Properties, Lawyers, Home Insurance, Movers & Personal Loans” from one convenient location with a click of a mouse.

Our Purpose Is Simple And Straight Forward:

To Consumers… we are committed to saving you time and money before, during and after funding.

To Our Community… we are committed to helping those in need by donating a portion of our profits to a good cause. (We are in the process of finalizing the designated charity and will share the details in the coming weeks)

To Our Advertising Partners… we are committed to helping you succeed in the most affordable and rewarding way.

Go ahead, take a look around and enjoy yourself. We look forward to hearing your success story as a result of using LowLowRates.ca